TAGeoronnie Shoe Maker is a company making shoes owned by bumiputera. The factory was founded leveraging work experience and been in the manufacture of shoes for nearly 20 years. Thanks to the prayers and support of many parties, ultimately the plant formerly known as Georonnie Shoes Maker Enterprise has been upgraded to TAGeoronnie Shoe Maker Sdn Bhd.

TAGeoronnie Shoe Maker Sdn Bhd is a company which participated in most of the entrepreneurship program organized by the Malaysian Handicraft, due to its position TAGeoronnie is in the state of Johor, then most of the activities were accompanied by joint Handicrafts Corporation. With existing expertise and assistance of the Malaysian Handicraft, God willing Tageoronnie business travel will grow smoothly and easily.

TAGeoronnie Shoe Maker is a factory making shoes men and women shoes. We also provide a large-sized shoes and custom leather goods. Our goal is that customers who want to make a reservation for the business which nimimun order for 2014 and 2015 is 100 pairs.